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At the Manufactured Housing Institute our goal is to give you the tools, platform and information you need to grow your business.  And we serve as your eyes and ears in Washington, DC to ensure federal policies support the manufactured housing industry.

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MHI members include manufacturers, developers, retailers, community operators, investors, lenders, suppliers and state associations—no matter what type of manufactured housing business you operate, you have a place at MHI.

To join MHI or review pricing, decide which description below best describes your business then click the link.  If your company is involved in more than one segment of the manufactured housing industry, click on the link that best describes your core business.


My company owns or manages one or more manufactured housing communities.

MHI provides a cohesive voice for community owners, operators, and managers on issues such as fair housing, occupancy standards, tax and property rights, and environmental issues.  Additionally, members benefit from specially tailored accreditation courses designed by the Manufactured Housing Educational Institute (MHEI) to raise professionalism in the field.  Community owners and managers must also be a member of a manufactured housing state association and agree to the NCC Code of Ethics.  Community owners and managers are part of MHI’s National Communities Council. 

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My company develops—but does not own or manage—a manufactured housing community or is planning to invest in a manufactured housing community.

Developers of manufactured housing land lease communities are part of MHI’s National Communities Council.  Our team provides useful information to developers and real estate investors including regular updates on regulatory, technical, statistical, zoning, financial issues and other breaking housing-related news.  Members also have access to a huge library of production reports, directories, census data, housing-related videos and other documents and historical records.  Developers and investors must agree to the NCC Code of Ethics

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(Developers that only build manufactured housing subdivisions with the intent to sell the home and land together should join the National Retailers Council.)


My company is a retailer or owns retail locations.

A retailer member owns a manufactured and/or modular home sales center with a physical location for the display of home models but does not own or manage manufactured and/or modular home communities and subdivisions.  MHI benefits include access to professional development courses and professional certifications to help improve sales and the customer experience, reports on housing trends and new financing products, and networking opportunities with peers and other key leaders from other segments of the industry.  Retailer members must also be a member of a manufactured housing state association where the store is located. Retailer members are part of our National Retailers Council.

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My company is a supplier—either wholesale, after market, or service provider.

A supplier is a key part of the manufactured housing supply chain—both upstream and downstream—and provides innovative products and services.  This division also includes attorneys, architects, non-profits, and consultants who support the manufactured housing industry.  Suppliers are offered statistics on current and future trends in manufactured housing through our various publications and resources. Additionally, membership in MHI provides suppliers with a forum to network with key leaders from other segments of the industry.  Manufactured housing suppliers and other supporters of the industry make up our Suppliers Division.

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My company is a lender, broker, insurer or other financial services provider.

MHI provides lenders, brokers, insurers and other financial services providers a treasure-trove of information to help make sound and informed decisions.  MHI produces member-only economic statistics reports and sends members regular updates on changes to manufactured and modular home loans.  We work closely with the Administration, Congress, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and others who write federal financial services rules to help consumers access attainable housing at low rates and costs.  When joining MHI you’ll be part of the Financial Services Division.

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(Community brokers and financial services companies that provide lending to community owners should join the National Communities Council.)


My company manufactures or builds factory-built homes.

A manufacturer member builds manufactured and/or modular homes.  At MHI, we work tirelessly to ensure the HUD Code supports innovation, build consensus for a friendlier zoning and regulatory environment, and improve the flow of capital to manufactured home lending.  Our team works closely with member manufacturers on HUD Code and modular issues and conducts research on transportation, structural design, foundations and other technical activities.  Manufacturers that build HUD Code homes are part of MHI’s Manufactured Housing Division.  Manufacturers that only build modular homes should join the National Modular Housing Council.

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My organization is a manufactured housing state association.

Manufactured housing state associations work in tandem with MHI to promote our shared goal of elevating housing innovation and expanding attainable homeownership.  The benefits of joining MHI include a monthly state association-specific newsletter full of industry news, government policy changes, regulatory challenges, events, research, trends and statistics.  We provide a legislative tracking service that alerts state executives of pending manufactured housing-related bills in their state houses.  And we host monthly state executive virtual meetups to share new ideas or get advice from colleagues.  Our state association peers makeup MHI’s Federated States Division.

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If you have any questions or need assistance, please call 703-558-0400.